Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 5B Rainy River

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Greetings OSSTF members of District 5B.





The AGM has come and gone and it was very well attended. 81 people participated in the event and it is good to see this level of involvement in Federation business. Thanks to all of the people who took the time to attend the meeting and let their names stand for a position.



2011-2012 OSSTF 5B Executive


District President/Provincial Councilor

Kent Kowalski

Vice President

Duane Roen


Kendall Richardson

Treasurer/Ed Finance Officer

Brian Gustafson

Communications Officer

Jeff Rajala

Political Action Officer

Mary Jarvis

Health and Safety Officer

Tammy McLean

Pension and Benefits Officer

Josh Spooner

Educational Services Officer

Tracy Roen

Excellence in Education Officer

Lana Puumala

Kent Kowalski

TBU President District 5B