Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 5B Rainy River

Your Executive Council

Your 2017-2018 OSSTF D05B Executive Council:


President: Kent Kowalski
Treasurer: Bill Fisher
Secretary: Shannon LaRocque
TBU President: Kent Kowalski
TBU VP: Duane Roen
OTBU President: Giselle Bonot



President: Kent Kowalski
Vice-President: Duane Roen
Chief Negotiator: Brian Church
Executive Officer: Kalon Degagne
Excellence in Ed: Keith Gilbert
Treasurer: Bill Fisher
Grievances: Brian Church
Secretary: Shannon LaRocque
Pensions & Benefits: Joshua Spooner
Health and Safety: Tammy McLean
Political Action: John Gibson
Educational Services: Tracy Roen
Human Rights: Greg SteCroix
Status of Women: Giselle Bonot
Communications: Bryce Coyle

FFHS Branch President: Owen Johnston
RRHS Branch President: Guy Arpin
AHS Branch President: Ed Ojala/Shane Fiore